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13 Reasons to Use a Tax PRO

13 Reasons to Use a Tax PRO

March 22, 2021 | Published by

Haven’t negotiated with IRS?

  1. Getting collection letters from IRS. – CP504? CP71C? CP14? Notice of Intent to Levy? The IRS is going to pursue you. Time to take action by calling a licensed tax professional like us – call us at 1-888-282-4697.
  2. Getting collection notices from IRS Revenue Officer. Business cards drop off? Phone call? Home visit? You owe the IRS a lot of money – probably – time to get representation. Call us at 1-877-671-7004.
  3. You didn’t file returns and the IRS is filing them for you. You knew you hadn’t filed in a while.  But out of sight – out of mind. UNTIL…the IRS sends you Notice of Deficiency letters explaining that they are preparing them for you without any deductions. Call us at 1-877-671-7004.
  4. You are afraid of dealing with the IRS on your own. You can’t discount the “fear factor” as a reason to pay a tax professional for representation. Fearful people get themselves in deeper trouble. The objectivity of a tax professional, or third party, is sometimes essential for resolving a tax case. Furthermore, you can’t underestimate the PEACE OF MIND of having a qualified individual handle your dealings with the IRS.
    Nothing is Happening.
  5. You haven’t filed in years – you are a cash business. There’s no paper trail with the IRS if you run a cash business. Need someone to figure out how to best bring you back in the system with the least damage? Call us at 1-877-671-7004.
  6. You owe taxes from way back. You haven’t heard from the IRS. Need to find out if your taxes are going to expire? Call us – we’ll research your record without stirring up the bee’s nest.  1-877-671-7004
  7. You already negotiated something in a payment plan with IRS. You might be able to afford it. You might not. But you or tax professional negotiated a payment plan with the IRS to keep them at bay. Maybe you’ll qualify for an Offer, or a reduced payment. Maybe it’s time to request a waiver of penalties?
  8. In a payment plan with IRS – but you’re going to owe taxes for 2013 or 2014 – This will default your installment agreement, but perhaps something new and improved like anOffer can be done instead of a payment plan. Call us at 1-877-671-7004.
  9. Defaulting a payment plan with IRS. You didn’t keep up with your payment schedule. You are getting a CP523 notice from the IRS – saying you defaulted your agreement. Maybe you’ll qualify for something new and perhaps better? Call us at 1-877-671-7004.
  10. In uncollectible status – You showed the IRS that you couldn’t afford to pay what you owe and the IRS determined you as “currently not collectible.” A tax lien, however, was filed against you and you still owe the tax. The IRS is just not collecting from you. You will need to pursue an Offer in Compromise to get it off your record.
  11. Leaving uncollectible status – For some reason – you didn’t file your returns or you showed increased income – the IRS is taking you out of uncollectible status and is sending you collection letters again.
  12. Tax debt in Bankruptcy Chapter 13 payment plan – A bankruptcy attorney set you up in a Chapter 13 payment plan to handle your IRS debt and other creditors. As long as your agreement is doable – you should probably stay the course.
  13. Leaving Chapter 13 – You can’t afford your Chapter 13 payments or your program is getting cancelled for other reasons. You’ll need to negotiate something newly with the IRS.

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